Aims to the layout and solutions of overall industry chain for manganese-based materials in the new energy field

Anhui Boshi High-tech New Materials Co., Ltd.

The Company was established on September 24, 2019, and located at No. 869, Huzhou Road, China-Singapore Suchu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, with a registered capital of 499 million yuan, covered an area of 258 Mu, and the total planned production capacity reaches 130,000 tons’ lithium manganate.

The manganese-based cathode materials independently developed and produced by Boshi are mainly used in electric vehicles, energy storage, light electric vehicles, power tools and 3C digital products. With the help of "hard work, innovative and pragmatic" enterprise spirit, Boshi efforts to promote the high-level development of the lithium battery cathode material industry, and has developed as a giant in the industry segmentation field!

Chuzhou Factory
energy storage battery
Energy storage battery
car battery
Car battery
Light Power Battery
Light battery
Huaibei Factory
3C battery
3C battery
power tools
Power Tools

At present, the Chuzhou factory ➕ Total production capacity of Huaibei factory: 28000 tons/year (calculated based on the standard production capacity of four manganese)

Development History


Company registration and establishment


The construction of a new base has started, achieving 10000 tons of lithium manganese oxide output that year


Honored as a National High tech Enterprise


Awarded the honor of National High tech Enterprise and the honor of "Anhui Provincial Enterprise Technology Center"


Establishing Anhui Boyuan Huanhui Technology Co., Ltd